This page is dedicated to archiving & conserving all available information / history of the now much forgotten 1964 American sitcom "HOUSE GEISTS" which only ran for half a season (11 episodes) before being mysteriously taken off the air. At this time no full episodes have seen the light of day since their first initial airings. Unfortunately, the program was released in direct competition with CBS's popular "The Munsters" and suffered from constant comparison - despite this however, the series has gained an underground cult status & dedicated fan-base who work hard to try and keep it's memory alive. Below you will find info / scripts / media & interviews, as I update it! (right hand img. is a reproduction composited by a fan from memory of the original poster art.

Although PDFs exist on the net, as far as I am aware - I am the only person to currently own an original shooting script of the pilot episode "Who'd 've Geist?"  (written by original creator Buck Bellamy Jr.) with actual annotations by show producer Carl Melrose!!! I've had the tele-play for a number of years now, but I am not at liberty to say how I got my hands on it. I was devastated to discover recently that the box I'd been keeping it in had become water damaged! Thankfully, I have managed to save the manuscript before too much damage was done, but just to be on the safe side I have photographed the entire script (below) for you to read & enjoy. At least now it's preserved forever! 

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