Have you always felt different? Have you ever struggled to run, catch or do fractions? Did you play with Barbies as a child? If this sounds like you, you might not know it yet - but you are an aspiring trans woman.  Congratulations! It's time to rip off the plaster and finally get around to starting that transition. And what better way to start than with actual passing trans woman JEN IVES' renowned 6 part instructional VHS series "HOW TO TRANSITION". 

Testimony from successful transsexuals across the world, who have used JEN IVES' HOW TO TRANSITION:

"Before using Jen Ives' instructional VHS I had no husband, no job - no prospects at all. After just 3 weeks of using the tape, I felt my passibility as a female go up at least 30%"

- C. Jenner - California

"I came to accept a long time ago that I'd never be as attractive, funny or cute as Jen Ives. But with the help of her 6 part video series on tape - I have at least managed to get as close as I can. Thank you Jen Ives!

- L.Cox

Red Flower
Flower Arrangement 4
Watercolor Butterfly 5
Watercolor Butterfly 4

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Watercolor Butterfly 5
Watercolor Butterfly 4