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Week Of Cack #1

Living indoors like a dirty hermit has a lot of disadvantages, but I suppose the one upside is I've had a lot of time to mess around with a green screen. I thought I'd post all the stupid cack I do week to week on this blog, just so I can keep a record of my mistakes & inevitable internet regrets.

The Crying Game - Deleted Scene

Yesterday I decided to insert myself into the 1992 classic film "The Crying Game". Ever since I was a child, I have thought that I should have played the role of Dill, and now thanks to modern technology I can make that dream a reality.

Jenvestigates - Hair / Gender

I've been "Jenvestigating" different topics of interest in a new series I'm calling "Jenvestigates" which is a very, very clever amalgamation of "Jen" (my name) & "Investigates" (the word "investigates"). So far, I have tackled "Hair" & "Gender". You can watch them below...

Pretty Ugly Podcast

And finally, I released the first episode of my new podcast "Pretty Ugly". You can listen on Youtube if you want, but it'd be better for me if you did it on Apple or Spotify. It's also on Stitcher, but I don't even know what that is (ok, Boomer)

And that's it for last week. I mean, I did do other stuff - like, I went for a walk to Poundland, watched "Clueless" & dropped a bowl of strawberry crunch cereal all over my carpet and down the back of the radiator, and now whenever it comes on the room smells a bit like stale soya milk. But I didn't think you'd be as interested in all that.

Anyway, I'll do another one of these next Monday. Bye sexy. xxx


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