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Hi. How ya doing? Oh, you're stuck at home? That stinks...

I've been working on a podcast project for the last couple of weeks. It's an ongoing sort of thing, and it follows my journey wot I am embarking on to get cosmetic surgery. Hopefully its funny & interesting (which were my nicknames in school). You can read about it below, and listen on Apple, Spotify & Stitcher (whatever that is). I have some nice guests lined up, and episode 1 is available now. If you've had cosmetic surgery, or are considering it (or have an opinion on the subject) I'd love to hear from you... you can contact me at:


Twitter: @jenivescomedian

As I take the first step of the journey towards definite prettiness, I try to explain why I want plastic surgery.

Stand Up Comedian, Writer & Trans Woman Jen Ives is turning 30, and with that has finally decided to get plastic surgery. This podcast follows her experience in a funny and candid way, from beginning to end - plus conversations with top comics, friends & family about self image.


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