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For the benefit of anyone who has always wondered what the podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience" is like, but has never had the time to sit through 3 and a half hours of it - I have jumped in front of that bullet for you, and helpfully transcribed an episode below. Listening through an entire episode was not a pleasant experience, and I am now addicted to Elk Meat, but I feel as if I have performed an important public service today.

Podcast begins.

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[Seven more minutes of advertisements redacted for time]

JOE ROGAN: Today's guest is my good friend, the stand up comedian, actor & amateur biological scientist Brendan Regan, ladies and gentlemen. Let's get on with the show.

[Theme music that hasn't aged well plays, we enter mid conversation]

BRENDAN REGAN: ...and they said he was "stunning & brave". I don't get that man. It's fuckin' weird dude.

JOE ROGAN: So fuckin' weird man! You gotta say "she" though now dude. Woman of the year! You'll get cancelled...

BRENDAN REGAN: Sorry, "she". Hey would you bang one?


JOE ROGAN: You want one of these?

BRENDAN REGAN: Hand one over dawg.

JOE ROGAN: Yeah baby! Look man, I support your right to look like and be whatever you want to be. People think I'm this conservative guy, or whatever just because I've had a couple of alt-right fascists on the podcast, but actually I'm a really liberal dude. You can't find someone who's more liberal than me. It's impossible, I'm tellin' you.

BRENDAN REGAN: Yeah, but would you though?

JOE ROGAN: Fuck no dude. That's gay as fuck.

BRENDAN REGAN: I dunno man, there are some convincing ones. If I were a little wasted, a little desperate. Maybe it's Halloween? Who knows... Hey, have we started?

JOE ROGAN: Yeah son, always rolling.

BRENDAN REGAN: Oh right... anyway man, what's been going on? You still doing that all-meat diet?

JOE ROGAN: 3 weeks now. All meat, every meal. No greens, no wheat.

BRENDAN REGAN: And how you feelin?

JOE ROGAN: Amazing dude. This is how our ancestors ate. I feel like I'm tapped into that primal shit, you know?

BRENDAN REGAN: Dude, is there a weird smell in here?

JOE ROGAN: It'll pass.

BRENDAN REGAN: I gotta try that, man. My girl's got me on some soy shit right now.

JOE ROGAN: Like a little soy boy.

BRENDAN REGAN: Fuck you man.

JOE ROGAN: You gotta be careful with that soy shit dude. You'll grow tits.


JOE ROGAN: I'm serious man, that's what it does. Why do you think the transgenders love it so much?

BRENDAN REGAN: Aw, they do?

JOE ROGAN: Yeah man - stop eating that shit.

BRENDAN REGAN: Transgenders weird me out, dude.

JOE ROGAN: Can't say that anymore man, you'll get cancelled.

BRENDAN REGAN: You can't say anything...

JOE ROGAN: You know, we had this transgender on the podcast one time...

BRENDAN REGAN: For real? See man, you are progressive as fuck.

JOE ROGAN: That's what I'm sayin'. It was like, 900 episodes ago I think. This big body builder, porn star dude. Like, I'm tellin' you man - if you just looked at this guy in the gym you'd like DAMN. But get this - he's got a pussy.

BRENDAN REGAN: WHAT!? Dude that makes me feel weird...

JOE ROGAN: He'd fuck you up though.

BRENDAN REGAN: Fuck you dude.

JOE ROGAN: Imagine that, being fucked up by her. I mean "him". You gotta say "him" even though it's not a "him" right?

BRENDAN REGAN: Yeah, but if it's Halloween how can you be expected to know?

JOE ROGAN: What do you mean?

BRENDAN REGAN: I dunno man, I'm just sayin... Oh, dude - I saw that video of you shooting the bear with the bow and arrow. Man, that was fuckin' sick dude!

JOE ROGAN: I didn't enjoy it. You HAVE to do it.


JOE ROGAN: Yeah dude, the bear population is out of control. If you don't control the numbers, who knows how many picnic baskets they'e gonna get. If my kids want to have a picnic in a black-bear's natural habitat, I don't see why a bear should be able to come in an ruin that, you know? So you've gotta kill them.

BRENDAN REGAN: Totally agree man.

JOE ROGAN: And if you're gonna do it, do it in a cool as fuck way. Use a fucking arrow, like a primal man.

BRENDAN REGAN: Yeah man. Then do some DMT!

JOE ROGAN: You want some?


JOE ROGAN: Yeah man, we got tonnes of it.


BRENDAN REGAN: What's going to happen if I take this?

JOE ROGAN: The thing about DMT is, it totally expands your mind. You see shit. When I did it, I was visited by this being of light, and it told me that the universe is infinite with possibilities. It showed me how loose the fabric of "reality" really is, man. I had a revelation about how we aren't even people, we're just energy & we should unshackle ourselves from the limitations of societally imposed norms...

BRENDAN REGAN: What about these trannies though?

JOE ROGAN: Oh man, look - biology is a fact. Men and women exist, and I'm sorry you aren't gonna convince me otherwise.

BRENDAN REGAN: I'm scared though - what if I take DMT and I end up sleeping with one? It was only shots last time, and it was Halloween so it doesn't really count, right?

JOE ROGAN: Dude I wanna show you this video...

BRENDAN REGAN: What is it?

JOE ROGAN: It's this chimp, dude.


JOE ROGAN: Yeah son, he's a TRAINED - AKIDO - MASTER. This UFC guy is fighting him, pull that up Jamie...look...


BRENDAN REGAN: Holy shit dude. That's amazing.

JOE ROGAN: It's amazing man, we share our DNA with them. That's a little person, right there. A little alien person.

BRENDAN REGAN: Dude, aliens. What do you think?

JOE ROGAN: Look dude, the Universe is too big for there NOT to be aliens among us.

BRENDAN REGAN: Do you think transgenders are aliens?

JOE ROGAN: What do you mean?

BRENDAN REGAN: Like, they could be some kind of alien - or alien experiment, right? That would explain them...

JOE ROGAN: I guess so...

BRENDAN REGAN: So, if you hypothetically slept with one... that wouldn't be gay because it'd be an alien and not a man.

JOE ROGAN: It's a good theory, dude.

BRENDAN REGAN: Hey man, you got plans for Halloween tonight?

[podcast continues in same vein for another 2 hours and 50 minutes]

[End of transcript]


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