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PRETTY UGLY PODCAST - Stand Up Comedian, Writer & Trans Woman Jen Ives is turning 30, and with that has finally decided to get plastic surgery. This podcast follows her experience in a funny and candid way, from beginning to end - plus conversations with top comics, friends & family about self image.


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TWO STEPS BACK is a new web series created by stand up comedian Jen Ives. 

One day you're a functioning adult, the next you're living back at home with your dad. Two Steps Back follows Jen as she attempts to make sense of her new situation just before her 30th birthday. 

All 6 episodes are available HERE. Also available on IGTV at

Featuring guest appearances from comedians William Stone, Alice India Garwood & Riggs Regan!

JENVESTIGATES is an ongoing, weekly series of shorts where

I investigate a different topic. 

There are uploaded to Youtube and Twitter every Saturday.

Watch on Youtube HERE

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