projects wot i have done

"INDOOR PLANT" is a "mini-special" which I filmed from my flat in Hackney. It's about missing stand up comedy, performing during lockdown without an audience & also some other things.


I hope you like it. Also I hope I can do real stand up again soon... [30 mins]

Click HERE to watch it in full


Satirical articles, usually about trans-related stuff, but not always. 

Click HERE




A short story in 3 parts that is currently ongoing.


You can read part I HERE

HOUSE GEISTS is an online archive, dedicated to preserving all remaining information relating to the now much forgotten 60's American sitcom "House Geists" (which only ran for 11 episodes)

You can read a copy of the pilot script HERE, as well as learn fun facts about the show & it's stars. 

I update it when I can.

TWO STEPS BACK is a new web series created by stand up comedian Jen Ives. 

One day you're a functioning adult, the next you're living back at home with your dad. Two Steps Back follows Jen as she attempts to make sense of her new situation just before her 30th birthday. 

All 6 episodes are available HERE. Also available on IGTV at

Featuring guest appearances from comedians William Stone, Alice India Garwood & Riggs Regan!

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